The goal of the company is to provide the best quality of hardware supply online and in our store. To all contractors, developer, and building professional in all South Florida. Husband and wife Arthur Lewis start the company in 1999 with the goal of serving all customers in South Florida. The first site of the store on the side of the house of the couple. As the company grew they bought land in a strategic place where people able to reach us. Hence, the company recognized as the preeminent lumber supplier in South Florida. As well as, the company maintained a precise focus, specializing in quality lumber and builders hardware. The steady of this address led the company through the following decades. And helped shape it into the successful business it is today.


Arthur Lewis is a certified architect and with all the connections he had from other friends.

So, he planned to build the business with the help of his wife as the main investor of the company. The company is now known in the whole South Florida because of the good customer service. They give all their customers both in store and online. The staff always do an extra effort to help their customers. Whether they bought a small quantity to the largest quantity of products.


The focus of their job is to meet all the needs of their customers by making friends with them. Because being a friend with them their company will last from generations to generations. Through this approach, there is a possible way that the company will be known not only in South Florida. But also throughout Florida as well as the whole United States. Then the company will build its branches all over the country so that our customer will say hardware stores near my location.