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Tips for Installing Hardwood Flooring

Other people consider other people that installing hardwood floor is easier than installing carpet. Because the pieces are easier to assemble than cutting the carpet and making the seams fit. Though installing hardware floors can appear easier. Still, it is very important to do it right to avoid flooring issues later down the road. In this article that will give you some tips on how to install hardwood flooring in your home.

Before installation, clean the subfloor and remove any old pieces of glue, tacks, or anything else.

That may get in the way of providing a clean, flat surface for your new floor. When needed, put down tar paper and nail it into a place with a staple gun. The work of the tar paper is to moisture retardant and helps add to the longevity of your floor. The basic mistake when installing hardwood floors is not checking for moisture. The number one cause of the wood flooring in homes is moisture.


To avoid this basic mistake is to take the proper steps during installation to be sure the surface area of the floor is moisture free. And the interior climate is not going to have an effect on the floor in the coming months. To install the floor, keep in mind that wood is a natural material. The wood will swell and shrink as it gains and loses moisture with the seasons, that means some gaps are normal. Nonetheless, if the gap is significant in size, then you know the installation of the floor short and needs to be repaired.


As your subfloor and environment are in good shape, it is time to lay the wood. Begin with the aligned and longest planks along the wall with the tongue facing the center of the room. Make a space within the expansion gap so the wood can have a little space for expansion from heat and humidity.


It is fun to install a hardwood floor and much like putting a big puzzle together. Take your time with each piece down of wood do not rush to each board and each nail use in the process. It assures that you will be happy with the outcome for years to come.

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