Untitled Owl Vision (starethrough you)

Aug. 20 2014

Found owl image with interlaced tape configurations, color array and laser sight vision. Can see through all, can see through walls. 11" x 14" courtesy of the Legion of Honor and the Fraternal Order of Owls in WV. Hope this helps!

An Incident in the Numbers Scene

Aug. 12 2014

Waves of light and colour surround the sentient being. This scene was captured by incorporating a found paint-by-numbers artifact and up-cycling it to become something more than the worth of its original state. The sum of all parts does not always balance correctly. Hopefully. Yrs truly. JVR. 2014. Ohio. Lost in thought, wandering through life's layers. Always.

These Tree Beams Remember All

Jul. 23 2014

Summer 1978. The man sat quietly on a hot summer day, indoors, with fans oscillating all around him moving the warm air, but never quite cooling it. His fingers dashed quickly across some shitty paint by numbers kit purchased at the five and dime store earlier that same day. He was almost finished, he was finished. This piece remained forgotten for many years. He was no longer alive, but amassed quite a lot of these chintzy kids things. Years later, with no warning, a semi balding man in Ohio with a fleshy bump growing on the back of his awful head, picks up this same piece and begins his reanimating process. The piece turned, and he wish he had to. So many days had gone before him, where is he now? A sleepy little town next to a murky river surrounded by fireflies and thick air. Ah, yes, the piece is done. This one here I call "Memorytree" because so much has happened since its birth.

New Directionz on the rise

May. 04 2014

Coded for the skyframes. These beings below reach their arms up to the sky and pretend to exist. For a short time they did.

Craftin' Outlaws Spring Fling, April 19th, Columbus, Ohio

Mar. 18 2014

Just an FYI and and Fly by night winger, I will be here at this lovely arts n' crafts show in Columbus, Ohio on April 19th. It's a Saturday, so get on down to the Columbus Convention Center to hang out and see a ton of rad things! I will have a lot of new pieces, including postcard prints. If you see wildlife analysis w/ beams of brightly colored tape, you will know where yr supposed to be. See ya then!

New Wild Wavelife

Mar. 08 2014

The newest wave that no one ever rode. 16" x 20" found wildlife revamped with 1984 in mind.

A place I wish to be...

Feb. 23 2014

About five years ago I visited a place so mystical it was inevitable that I'd return. So I did. Henceforth, this new piece is titled "A Return to Psych Ranch". 16" x 20" re-worked found art w/tape and mixed media.

Seaforth, Because Tomorrow Begins Again Once More

Jan. 16 2014

New piece! New piece!! I am indeed still-in-existence and actively creating new works. Hope everyone had/is having a nice wintery experience. Winterdaze and shoegaze. Here below is a new piece I am quite proud of. My old friend from years back, Tate, helped me title it. It has nothing to do with where I'm from, but rather everything to do with here and now. Please, drive safely. This here is "Seas to a Lost Horizon" Thanks, Tate Price!

Birds of a feather...

Nov. 03 2013

Found today and made this evening. I love when these pieces just flow together. I do not have a title as of yet for this new piece, but one will be forthcoming with additional thought and research.

Floating Cake for Sara

Sep. 13 2013

I've been experimenting with new collage varieties lately, and this chocolate cake here is the first in my dabbling with food scenes. More to come! This one is for my wife, Sara. 11" x 14" found vintage cookbook cut-out w/ mixed media & colored tape.

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